Our Mission

Provide the community with knowledge and support on their pathway to wellness; with integrated knowledge of ancient and new methods of holistic healing through nutrition. Abundant energy and knowledge will be present as strategies and techniques lead to self-healing through nutrition. Our coaching will lead with insight to positive lifestyle change. 


About Us

 Our licensed professionals provide an alternative, holistic approach to beauty and wellness. To be Aesthetically Well  we believe that overall balance is needed, this is why we offer services to nourish the skin, mind, and body. At Aesthetically Well we take pride in providing the most advanced non-invasive skincare treatments on the market. We believe in a holistic approach to wellness and treatments backed by science.  


About the Owner

Maggie is a licensed Aesthetician, Holistic Nutritionist, and Colon Hydrotherapist with advanced certifications  as an Acne Specialist and Multicultural Skin Treatments. After suffering from severe acne and internal imbalances Maggie sought out treatments from both conventional Dermatologist and Naturopathic Doctors. After years of frustrations she decided to leave her comfortable corporate job for her true passion in the field of Aesthetics, it was a serendipitous experience after receiving a result driven facial through the school she then attended.  She continued to pursue her education in Holistic Nutrition and additional therapies.

Maggie is a passionate advocate of nutrition education and advanced skin care.  She believes that health starts on your plate and she uses diet and lifestyle shifts to mitigate and reverse health conditions. 

Maggie focuses on addressing her clients' metabolic individuality as a key factor in her functional nutrition protocols and health coaching. 

A strong voice for self-advocate, Maggie encourages and empowers her clients to be active participants in their own health care.