Immerse yourself in a Cold Plunge between sessions in the Infrared Sauna

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You will be given everything you need to have a successful session including a private space, a shower, towels, a pre-heated sauna, and a pre-cooled plunge.

You can either choose to experience the cold plunge on its own or as a hot/cold combination therapy in conjunction with our infrared sauna.

Soothe sore muscles

Just like throwing an ice pack on a sprained wrist, cold plunges can help to reduce soreness in your muscles and sometimes decrease swelling and inflammation.

Support your immune system

Exposure to cold water can trigger your lymphatic system, eliminating waste and toxins within the body.

Boosts energy levels

Sticking to a cold plunge routine can also boost your energy levels, thanks to a hormone and neurotransmitter called norepinephrine. Norepinephrine in the brain helps to regulate focus, attention, and mood, and when we come into contact with cold water, there is a significant release of norepinephrine into our bodies.

Supports weight loss

Your body gets the energy it needs to keep you warm in the cold from brown adipose tissue, or brown fat. Think of a wood-burning stove that’s used to warm up a room. The wood is the “brown fat,” and the fire is the “metabolism.”

Builds resilience

Voluntarily dipping your body into freezing water challenges you both physically and mentally, pushing your body past its comfort zone. It takes fortitude to withstand cold temperatures, even for a short time, which is why ice baths build up your resiliency.

Calms the vagus nerve

When you take an ice bath, the cold water has a calming effect that activates the vagus nerve to decrease stress levels and to help reduce tension and anxiety.



(Contrast) Single Session: $40
Monthly Unlimited: $325


(Contrast) Single Session: $50
Monthly Unlimited: $425


(Plunge Only) Single Session: $25
Monthly Unlimited: $200


(Plunge Only) Single Session: $30
Monthly Unlimited: $270