STEMZYME™ is the ultimate Age Management treatment that reduces the effects of impaired stem cell function. Effects include fine lines and wrinkles, sagging skin, uneven skin tone, discoloration, uneven texture, dullness, sallow complexions, enlarged pores, dry skin, and hyper-reactive skin.

The skin’s regenerative properties imply the existence of stem cells, able to differentiate into many cell types for the skin’s distinctive needs.  STEMZYME™ therapy helps refine the skin cell life cycle at every stage. It aids the process of:

  • Adult epidermal stem cell renewal
  • Successful stem cell differentiation into various skin tissues
  • Immune response
  • Skin age management and more

The STEMZYME Treatment

DMK’s most advanced treatment, StemZyme™ is a 50-day program that represents the most advanced age management solution in the world today.
Utilising biomimetic methods and a rich array of bioactive botanical ingredients, this highly-specific and targeted treatment program works to stimulate the activation of a person’s own existing epidermal stem cells.
It is these cells that create the specialist cells that are responsible for the repair, rejuvenation and protection of human skin. Stem cells are the only cells in the human body capable of producing new cells, and it is only by producing new cells that the human body can repair itself.

As we age, our epidermal stem cell population declines by 10-15% per decade. But StemZyme™ intervenes to directly engage the existing stem cell population and actively stimulates the production of new adult epidermal stem cells, which in turn leads to a proliferation of all the various skin cells we need for youthful, healthy skin.
The result is a flattening of the chronological aging curve, a prolonged upturn in cell replenishment and renewal, and the most powerful, long-lasting and advanced age management technique in the world today.

Unlike existing stem cell therapies, StemZyme™ is the first offering that is entirely non-invasive, and like all DMK treatments, is harnessing the power of the body’s own biochemistry to deliver profound results.

What is a stem cell?

A stem cell is the most profound and nascent type of cell within an organism. It is entirely unspecialized, and represents the first ‘stage’ in the development of a cell within the human body, into its final purpose/specialism. As specialist cells in any of our major organs reach the end of their lifespan, it is stem cells that develop into these cell types and replenish them. This is the process of repairing and rebuilding the human body, and in the case of the skin, cell replenishment is the very essence of ‘age management’.

So, in theory, the route to perfect skin is as simple as ensuring that the epidermal skin cells remain healthy and continue to multiply. Easy, right? Well, sadly not. Because, as a person chronologically ages, epidermal stem cells decline in number. To put this into perspective, when you’re born, you could have 1 billion stem cells in your body. But by the time you’re 80, this figure has fallen to just 100-million. That’s 10% of the original figure!

What is StemZyme?

This is no small statement, but it was made by DMK’s founder and principal, Danné Montague-King in reference to StemZyme™, a new treatment program that has been nearly a decade in the making, and is set to truly revolutionize facial aesthetics.

StemZyme™ is a revolutionary 50-day specialized and targeted treatment program that works to reverse the decline in adult epidermal skin cells, aids the process of adult epidermal skin cell renewal, triggers successful stem cell differentiation into various skin cells and tissues, and bolsters the skin cell lifecycle at every stage of its process.

Who is StemZyme For?

StemZyme is particularly beneficial for men and women with fine lines and wrinkles, sagging skin, uneven skin tone, discoloration, uneven texture, dullness, sallow complexions, enlarged pores, dry skin, and hyper-reactive skin.