A private yoga class provides the perfect atmosphere to work together where the focus is on you


A private yoga session can be so many different things – but above all else, private sessions are custom-created to fit the needs and wants of the yogis we work with.

Some students book one appointment for a one-time set of pointers. Many book multiple appointments so that they can progress through focused areas with their instructor. Others do private lessons exclusively, booking 2-3 times per week as replacement for public classes.

Begin your practice

You may be a beginning yogi who wants to develop a safe and enjoyable at home practice.

Modify your practice

Maybe you have chronic pain or an injury for which you would like to receive personalized modifications.

Advance your practice

You may be a practicing yogi, who is looking for more personalized sessions to focus on flexibility and strength to help advance your asana practice.



Thirty Minutes

10 Pack $525
Single $55


Forty Five Minutes

10 Pack $670
Single $70


Sixty Minutes

10 Pack $815
Single $85